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With so many folks unemployed and losing their home, it’s a good time to talk about numbers and how they correlate to everything in our lives. Numbers are used every day; I don’t know how the world would operate without them. If you purchase a book in a shop, there is an ISBN associated with it; your clock has numbers so that you know the time, your bank account has an account number, check number, routing number. There are house/apartment numbers, your airline ticket has a number, and utility bills have customer account numbers, etc. In one way or another, everything in our lives has something to do with numbers. If someone gave you a chronological printout of your life, you’d see you’re nothing but NUMBERS! Using Numerology to convert letters to numbers, we can also include names, words, birth months and birthplaces, cities, states.

Some of you are considering relocating to find work or to reestablish yourself after losing your home. This is your prime opportunity to ensure the city and state will provide what your Soul needs to be happy. When you are happy, you can more readily focus on your goals. A Life Lesson Number 8, or Day of Birth 8 would be happiest in a city and/or state that adds up to the Chaldean number 5, 6, or 8. If you're in the process of selling your home, you have the prime opportunity to relocate to a more suitable location.

If you are aware of the characteristics of the numbers, the 5 vibration is a progressive number, one that lets go of the old, and willing to discover the untried in order to move forward and onward, an active number, always on the move, wants to know what’s going on in the world and be part of it.

The 8 vibration is that of big business; Florida, Minnesota or South Dakota are Chaldean states that resonate to 8 and would allow you to show ingenuity in the business world. The Chaldean 6 vibration is a family, love and money number; interest is in beauty, family, and community activities that are for the good of all mankind and this number is also artistic in nature. Kansas, North Dakota, or Canada might suit you. Find a State that will give you the opportunity to get in touch with Self, help you achieve your Divine Destiny.

Chaldean Number 5 States: California, Michigan, New Hampshire.

As you can see there are number of places to choose from, you have to decide which energy is most important at this particular time in your life.  Do you need the energies of your Life Number, Destiny, or want to satisfy your Soul Urge (Hearts Desire)? Being in a suitable environment and feeling encouraged will help you realize your goals especially so if you’re in a location that supports what it is you crave. If you are a born on the 4, 13, 22, 31 of any month, it is best to avoid cities and states that tally up to 1 or 8 instead try a state or city that resonates to a 6. Checkout the Ruling Numbers I bet you'll notice that the numbers paint a general picture of you. Also check out Relocate to Advance Your Career


Anonymous said...

Using the Chaldean system -- UTAH comes out as number 7 not number 5 as in your article. Further, several other websites say as a number 8 person, I should make a second choice for a best place to live by choosing a place with the numbers 4,2, or 1. So whoam I suppose to believe?

Joe Ross

Seriita. All Rights Reserved. said...

Good eye! Thanks for bringing that to my attention Mr. Ross. I have removed Utah as well as Illinois (6) from the post.

Firstly, you should ask yourself what it is you are trying to achieve at this point in time, every city has different energies that can help promote your professional goals.

Secondly, keep in mind your Blueprint has more than one number, and throughout your lifetime you endure different experiences ordered by your Personal Year, Pinnacles, Life Cycles and Transits. I prefer to look at a person’s Blueprint rather than make general suggestions based solely on one number. There are certain energies (numbers) that you don’t want to intensify.

As to whom to believe, that will have to be your choice Mr. Ross. If you trust the “several other” sites providing you information then follow their principles.

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