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March 30, 2012

Maybe There Is Favoritism?

Often when I read or hear something it starts the wheels in my head turning.

My attention was drawn to a few sentences and I am absolutely not contradicting what’s being said, nor do I want to misconstrue what’s being said you can read the full post here.

Denise Siegel writes "This is why over the years as Oprah embraced more and more New Age gurus and now on her network has a “master class” which I find completely offensive, as if because someone has been lucky enough to make some money or was at the right place at the right time and had half a brain as to how to utilize these opportunities they are somehow a “master.” A master of what?”

I’ve often talked about numbers being drawn to themselves and having cronies, bosom buddies. In my numeric opinion, by and large the Life Number and Day of Birth vibrates the strongest of the major numbers. Pinnacles and Transits play a role in business and personal relationships too but in my numeric opinion for different reasons. Pinnacles and Transits attract others more in keeping with experiences that facilitate mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

Denise Siegel got me thinking about Oprah’s “Master Class.” Not because the people are rich but more on the line that the show promotes “an unprecedented look into the minds of true modern masters, handpicked by Oprah Winfrey for their unique impact on the world.”

So Who Exactly is Oprah ‘Handpicking?’

Quite simple from a numeric standpoint, Oprah is a Life Number 4, born on the 29 (she has master energy), a Soul Urge 4, Persona 3, and Destiny 7. The Known Name Oprah resonates to a Pythagorean 31 and Chaldean 23. The Known Name Oprah Winfrey resonates to a Pythagorean 77 (7 + 7 = 14) and Chaldean 51.

Who are the folks she’s showcased? Fairly easy to make numeric sense of, images of herself of course. 4, 7, 11, 22.

The average person doesn't realize the “Master Class” has Oprah’s major numbers, what you see are folks that are images of Oprah - that is - her numbers.

Some of the “minds of true modern mastery” are Jay-Z, Simon Cowell, Sidney Poitier, Dr. Maya Angelou, Diane Sawyer, Jon Bon Jovi, Laird Hamilton, Grant Hill, Jane Fonda, Reba McEntire, Ted Turner, Morgan Freeman, Goldie Hawn, and Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

Check Out Their Numbers!

And yes, the “Master Class” is rich – in terms of material wealth and possessions – I see no problem with that because people have always been fascinated by rich folks. There are over one million books written and many lecturers command top dollars for seminars. How to get rich, secrets of the wealthy, living like a real millionaire, how to automatically become a millionaire.

Maybe There Is Favoritism But Nothing Unethical.

The numbers in your Blueprint aid you in being your greatest and most positive Self. As humans, that’s best achieved by feeling comfortable with, in harmony with yourself which is your true nature and your surroundings. On the other hand, spiritual growth happens best when you are made to feel uncomfortable, challenged in the way you think or behave, or in the company of people and experiences that elevate your consciousness about Self, others and the world you live in. Force you to look at life from a different perspective.

So in my numeric opinion, true mastery is when you learn to be in harmony with your foes, enemies. 4 and 22 are builders, 22 is the master builder, idealistic. 7 and 11 are spiritual, deep thinkers, intuitive. 8 is materialistic by nature, has a strong character, self-confident, ambitious for Self and wealth and often extravagant by nature.

From a numeric point of view, this isn’t only true for Oprah, a large percentage of workforces, friendships, business partnerships, and marriages are established on account of a numbers attraction to itself and dedication to its cronies. As aforementioned, we are at our best when we feel comfortable with and in harmony with ourselves, others and our surroundings.

What about you?




The Butterfly has 4 Life Cycles, Egg, Larva (the caterpillar cycle), Pupa (the chrysalis cycle) and Adult. Theoretically, in Numerology, humans have 3 Life Cycles, Formative Years (0 – 27), Productive Years (28 – 54), Harvest Years (55+).

Honor Your Purpose

The Soul never forgets its relationship to the Source and its desires. If you find yourself on a path that is not intended for you or a path you are not particularly fond of, it's time to rediscover your Passion, your Purpose!

Transform Your Life

Reflect back over the earlier years of your life. Understand, appreciate and think about your life. Did you stay within the lines, always colored outside the lines, started but never finished? Numbers CANNOT change your life, only you have that power! Numerology CAN however help identify stumbling blocks and provide guidelines to help you overcome. It behooves you to learn how to utilize your strengths to keep your head above water in undertows, especially those that switch your life’s direction and make staying afloat grueling. Numbers CAN certainly point out those times when you have the potential to be drenched in good fortune or saturated in ill fortune. Most of all, numerology will help you obtain the blessings that are meant for only you!


"Arrow goes forward only after pulling it backward, bullet goes forward only after pressing the trigger backward, every human being will get happy only after facing the difficulties in their life path; so don’t be afraid to face your difficulties, they will push you forward." - Author Unknown

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