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April 22, 2012

Living Without Fear

There are a few Numbers and a Karmic Lesson that I’ve been paying close attention to for a couple years. Number 19 and Karmic Lesson 5 which means a person is missing the letters E, N and W in their birth name.

Of course I need more validation, no problem I'm also a person that relentlessly tries to verify the numbers, my intuition.

While counseling someone last year, my intuition told me that a missing 5 meant that the person lived in a small town or on a small island. Much to my surprise the traveler validated this fact and again this year, I validated my intuition with American Idol top 7 finalists, Phillip Phillips. Apparently Phillips is from Leesburg a small city in Lee County, Georgia with an approximate population of 2,965.

Judging by the numbers this is a great opportunity for Phillips to determine if life as an entertainer is right for him or if he should put his Industrial Systems Technology degree to good use back at home. Seeing he has a Karmic Lesson 5, Phillips preference is to stay close to home, where he’s comfortable. Nevertheless the Universe has afforded him a great opportunity to strengthen his character by overcoming his weakness, he’s already taken the first step, he’s on the west coast competing. A Karmic Lesson 5 suggests he’s unable to accept change, dislikes crowds, has limited life experiences and could be very jealous.

If you have a major 5 in your Blueprint or a Pinnacle or Life Cycle 5, the weakened energy can easily be build up. 5 is rarely ever totally diluted. Even with missing E, N and W in your birth name there's another side to a Karmic Lesson 5. Watch for sexual guilt, thrill seeking, preferring to make easy money, and flirtatiousness.

Judging by the numbers this year Philllips may want to be left alone and may feel as if everything he does or says is taken the wrong way. Depending on how he's handling the energies of the year, as his friends get booted from the show, the remaining contenders may notice he's more withdrawn and antisocial.

It’s an incredible year for Philips, age 21, a Life Number 3 and a Pythagorean Destiny 93, Chaldean Destiny 61, and Personal Year 7.

Furthermore being amongst the final contestants on Idol gives rise to much sudden change which could make Phillips apprehensive and melancholy. He also needs to be careful of depression and not allow feelings of loneliness or fear overwhelm him. 2012 is a difficult year for anyone missing the Letters E, N, or W in your name or with a Challenge 5.

It’s the eleventh season of Idol. I’ll certainly be watching to see if there is a War of Words or something shocking when the contestants are dwindled down to 5.

After struggling with the shadowy side of 1you want a simple life. 19 is a number of strength and confidence. During this Cycle things do get better a lot better but usually it’s when you are standing on your own two feet and self-sufficient. Generally at the beginning of the Cycle you are dictatorial, arrogant, unpredictable, inflexible, too dependent on, or at the mercy of a lover or spouse, selfish or lazy. By the fifth year, Personal Year 5, Change arrives.

Appears some people are fated to be single and for some, the culmination occurs in their early 50’s (Final Pinnacle) or 60's (Harvest Cycle).

I’m finding that if 19 is your Final Pinnacle or Harvest Cycle, at the end of your life there is a physical loss, or the closing stages of a relationship that results in you being on their own, single. Namely due to a divorce, death of a significant other/partner, by choice because unpleasant experiences have guided you to be by yourself, or your professional life is too hectic to slow down.

I also notice that during a 19 Cycle many situations are self-inflicted as a result of being too positive, overly optimistic and unrealistic. There are many unexpected adversities to teach you the importance of having a good sense of Self, to really understand what you are capable of. Usually you are egotistical and out of touch with whom you really are, your self-perception is skewed. Or it may be that you just don’t want to be truthful with yourself and therefore lie to others to make yourself appear self-sufficient, strong-minded, powerful, or better off than others when you know it’s a white lie. The old saying 'Pride comes before the fall' certainly is applicable to 19.

19 almost certainly will give rise to a ‘reality check’ and hopefully you’re willing to listen to others and learn from your experiences so that you don’t keep repeating the same old lesson. 19 asks are you really as almighty and independent as YOU think you are?’

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Are you missing the Letters E, N, and W in your birth name? Can you share the steps you are taking to overcome your weakness? 

Are you in a Final Pinnacle 19 or Harvest Cycle 19, are you single? Can you like to share the sequence of events in the wake of your parting?

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The Butterfly has 4 Life Cycles, Egg, Larva (the caterpillar cycle), Pupa (the chrysalis cycle) and Adult. Theoretically, in Numerology, humans have 3 Life Cycles, Formative Years (0 – 27), Productive Years (28 – 54), Harvest Years (55+).

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The Soul never forgets its relationship to the Source and its desires. If you find yourself on a path that is not intended for you or a path you are not particularly fond of, it's time to rediscover your Passion, your Purpose!

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Reflect back over the earlier years of your life. Understand, appreciate and think about your life. Did you stay within the lines, always colored outside the lines, started but never finished? Numbers CANNOT change your life, only you have that power! Numerology CAN however help identify stumbling blocks and provide guidelines to help you overcome. It behooves you to learn how to utilize your strengths to keep your head above water in undertows, especially those that switch your life’s direction and make staying afloat grueling. Numbers CAN certainly point out those times when you have the potential to be drenched in good fortune or saturated in ill fortune. Most of all, numerology will help you obtain the blessings that are meant for only you!


"Arrow goes forward only after pulling it backward, bullet goes forward only after pressing the trigger backward, every human being will get happy only after facing the difficulties in their life path; so don’t be afraid to face your difficulties, they will push you forward." - Author Unknown

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