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Electrifying April

April is a Universal Month 11, a powerfully well-matched energy when combined with the Universal Year 7, but unpredictable.

In April, there is a Lunar Eclipse and Cardinal Grand Cross that astrologers have been preparing us for. Said to be one of the most intense and important planetary alignments of the decade. So fasten your seatbelt

11 represents religion, leaders and diplomats on the world stage, one of the biggest news stories in 2005 (2 + 0 + 0 + 5) was the death of Pope John Paul II on April 2, 2005.

11 rules aviation, television, radio, electricity and it is also the number of revelations, shocks so maybe we’ll hear more about the missing Malaysia flight 370. Perhaps 11 will force the protective wall of silence (7) to come down to solve this mystery. 

11 suggests a very unstable April, even electrical storms and outbursts so absolutely watch your conduct, particularly with regards to partnerships, contracts, and legal affairs. As we continue to move forward in the year, humankind is learning to slow down, to see to the fine details of things and trust their intuition. In all likelihood, a lot of criminals, liars, two-faced, and evil folks turn up in April, again, a need to trust your gut feelings.

Given that a lot of folks are worn-out, desperate and disheartened, I’ve noticed a lot more backbiting, spitefulness on and off the Internet, so in April, expect an increase in sudden disagreements, some may turn violent so mind your P's and Q's and pay attention to people in your space.

Despite the harsh energy of 7 and 11, allow yourself the chance to daydream, inspiring ideas should flow rather effortlessly in April. Don’t be afraid to follow up on your inspirations, gut feelings, the Universe supports it this year. Remember this is a reassessment year, a year to take a second look at people and circumstances in your life. All this year, the Universe is pulling your focus back to Changes you need to make that will benefit not only you, but humankind in the coming years.

Don’t fight change, or ignore disturbing or inspirational thoughts. 

11 represents the expansion of consciousness, whether you realize it or not, what’s occurring in April is for your highest good. Folks in Personal Years 1, 2/11, 3, 4, 5 and 7 can expect to do a sudden assessment, perhaps even rushed to make some sort of immediate change on account of something that occurs without warning. In spite of having to make quick decisions, try to weigh up the consequences of your actions because in May, your decision is expanded – good or bad.

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E. said... birthday is in April and I'm in a 5 year. I'm craving stability in ALL areas in my life...

I just hope it gets better.



The Butterfly has 4 Life Cycles, Egg, Larva (the caterpillar cycle), Pupa (the chrysalis cycle) and Adult. Theoretically, in Numerology, humans have 3 Life Cycles, Formative Years (0 – 27), Productive Years (28 – 54), Harvest Years (55+).

Honor Your Purpose

The Soul never forgets its relationship to the Source and its desires. If you find yourself on a path that is not intended for you or a path you are not particularly fond of, it's time to rediscover your Passion, your Purpose!

Transform Your Life

Reflect back over the earlier years of your life. Understand, appreciate and think about your life. Did you stay within the lines, always colored outside the lines, started but never finished? Numbers CANNOT change your life, only you have that power! Numerology CAN however help identify stumbling blocks and provide guidelines to help you overcome. It behooves you to learn how to utilize your strengths to keep your head above water in undertows, especially those that switch your life’s direction and make staying afloat grueling. Numbers CAN certainly point out those times when you have the potential to be drenched in good fortune or saturated in ill fortune. Most of all, numerology will help you obtain the blessings that are meant for only you!


"Arrow goes forward only after pulling it backward, bullet goes forward only after pressing the trigger backward, every human being will get happy only after facing the difficulties in their life path; so don’t be afraid to face your difficulties, they will push you forward." - Author Unknown

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