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March 19, 2014

Losing Traction, What To Check

The Sextile is considered a beneficial influence, Trines usually bring luck or opportunities with little or no effort, the Square creates tension and can bring up fear, and the Conjunction is a blending combination that can amplify the effects.

Given that numbers correlate to astrology planets, there are similar points to consider in numerology. Understanding these points will help you gain traction.

It simply is not enough to have a Personal Year that says ‘Go forward, Take the lead, Change, Let go.’ Nor is it sufficient to simply have a favorable Day of Birth, or Known Name.

I call this ‘one number’ numerology which is okay when you don’t have the big picture and need some quick guidance. Some direction is better than none at all!

Keep in mind, your Transits have a substantial part in determining whether you will gain any traction during the year. Whether or not your Personal Year is beneficial, will bring luck with little or no effort, tension or amplify effects. Learn Your ABC’s

As well, you must understand if your Pinnacle, Life Cycle, Personal Year and Transits are friends or foes, will the numbers work in partnership to get you what you want during the year, or a particular cycle, or require a great effort from you.

Just like there is more to astrology than your Sun Sign, Rising Sign (Ascendant) or Moon Sign, there is more to numerology than your Personal Year, Day of Birth, or Known Name.

If your Personal Years are slipping by and you see little or no Change, it’s time for an inspection of your Pinnacle, Life Cycle, and Transits. A Tread Check! And when you do so, I’m confident you will understand why you keep losing traction.

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Anonymous said...

A Sextile is beneficial but it's not a promise , it often requires fine tuning. Trines are nice, but too many can make someone lazy or content. Squares while challenging are motivating. Whenever big change or something major comes up for people, you often see squares present....its the squares that win championships. Of course...all that aside, you need to examine the secondary progressions and the natal promise of the chart.

Even if ones natal chart doesn't indicate say wealth, it can happen by progression.

You are right. There is always much to consider! Great site!

Seriita. All Rights Reserved. said...

Thanks for the added info! Just a lead-in for my numerology post, I don’t profess to be an astrologer (smile). is seeking guest bloggers; please consider writing a post on progressions and wealth.

As we move forward, CREATE a great 2014!



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